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The 5 Minutes of True Crime Series

I’ll be perfectly honest. I have a hard time watching myself on video. Is that really what I look like talking to people in person? You don’t want to know the thoughts that race through my head when I see myself on camera! But I also know so many people who are trying to promote themselves or a product they’ve created venture into places like IGTV and YouTube with videos designed to raise awareness for their work.

With deep trepidation, I began this process slowly. First, I created a YouTube channel but only put one teaser trailer video on it. Then I began realizing how much content I write that people may never be exposed to if they don’t read this blog or listen to my podcast. So I began brainstorming a way to produce more content that wouldn’t require a lot of extra work on my end (ha!)

I combed through my research from “Missing in the Carolinas” and blog posts I’ve researched for the true crime portion of this blog. I released my first video, “The Mystery of the Boy Under the Billboard,” found below.

I used a video and photo editing app called InShot to produce this video, and you can see I’m still learning how to use the various features. This past weekend, I tweaked a few different blog post scripts and recorded three more in a batch. In the second video, “The Murder of Virginia Olson,” the editing took much longer because I recorded different segments and had to mesh them together. Turns out, I prefer recording things in one take if at all possible!

Let me tell you, it’s hard learning new technology! First off, I’ve had to learn how to create a podcast and figure out how to set up an RSS feed so the podcast can be found on a variety of podcast networks. I’m still trying to learn how to edit audio in GarageBand, but I’m working on it. Now I’ve had to venture into video recording and editing–it never ends! But I’m trying to have a positive outlook that all this extra work will be worth it.

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