About Me

Renee Roberson is an award-winning writer, editor and blogger with hundreds of print and online articles and columns to her name. Her experience includes a background in journalism and communications, public relations, writing for regional parenting and city magazines, a daily newspaper and websites and e-zines. She also produces the true crime podcast, Missing in the Carolinas.


91st Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition

Genre Short Story

Second Place: The Monster in the Woods

89th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition

Print or Online Article Category

Fifth Place: We Speak for the Dead: The Creation of a Writing Conference All About Crime

Honorable Mention: Built on a Family Legacy: History in Every Space of the Phil Foil Commons at Hinds Feet Farm

WOW! Women on Writing Fall 2012 Flash Fiction Contest

Runner Up
“In the Depths”

78th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition
First Place, Magazine Feature Article Category

“Alternative Treatments for Autism”

2017 Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards

1st Place, Suspense-Thriller Category

“The Polaroid”

Women’s National Book Association 2018 Writing Contest

Honorable Mention

“The Name You’re Not Supposed to Call Women”