Missing in the Carolinas

Episode 5: Liz and John Calvert Part 1

In March 2008, Liz and John Calvert were last seen heading to a meeting with their accountant, a man they suspected of embezzling money from the businesses they owned on Hilton Head Island, S.C. In part one of this episode, we’ll explore the details around that fateful meeting, and why investigators suspect the embezzlement accusations may have cost the Calverts their lives.

John and Liz Calvert

Dennis Gerwing

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Deceit, Disappearance & Death on Hilton Head Island by Charlie Ryan and Pamela Martin Ovens.







Episode 4: MurderCon

Last August, Missing in the Carolinas host Renee Roberson attended the most unusual writing conference she had ever been to—Writers’ Police Academy’s MurderCon. She shares the details of the conference, where it took place, and what she learned there.

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Writer’s Police Academy


Episode 3: Kyle Fleischmann

Kyle Fleischmann was 24 years old when he went missing from uptown Charlotte after a night of drinking with friends. His disappearance is one of the city’s most troubling mysteries. Renee Roberson dives into some of the theories surrounding this case, and how similar it is to the Brian Shaffer disappearance in Columbus, Ohio.

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Episode Highlights:

Kyle Fleischmann disappeared after a night out with friends on Nov. 9, 2007. He found himself locked out of the Buckhead Saloon after last call, leaving his wallet and coat behind. After several attempts to call friends and family, he walked off into the night after his cell phone died. His family believes he is deceased and met foul play that evening. Tragically, a similar thing may have happened to a young man in Columbus, Ohio, a year before Kyle went missing.

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Episode 2: Zebb Quinn

In a small mountain town in Asheville, North Carolina, a young college student goes out after work to check out a car he’s interested in buying. The friend who accompanies him is the last person to ever see him, and his story just isn’t adding up. Fifteen years later, that friend’s name will come up in a separate high-profile homicide investigation, leaving North Carolinians to wonder if there will ever be justice for Zebb Quinn.

Episode Highlights:

Zebb Quinn was an 18-year-old community college student working at Wal-Mart on Hendersonville Road in Asheville when he disappeared in early 2000. According to family and friends, he had been saving up money to buy a car. On the night of January 2, 2000, Zebb finished up his shift at Wal-Mart and met fellow co-worker, 21-year-old Jason Owens, to go look at a Mitsubishi Eclipse that was for sale. He was never seen again after that night.

To Zebb’s loved ones, it seemed the mystery of his disappearance would never be solved. That is, until a couple with ties to Hollywood also went missing in North Carolina. The link between Zebb Quinn and this couple, JT and Cristie Codd, was none other than Jason Owens.

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Episode 1: Three Mysteries in the Carolinas

We are excited to introduce our new true crime podcast, Missing in the Carolinas. As a longtime resident of the state of North Carolina, I’ve been a freelance journalist and writer for the past sixteen years. I’ve always been drawn to cold case investigations and missing persons cases. I was one of those girls reading Ann Rule back in high school, and I’ve written several short stories inspired by actual cases I’ve read about in the news. You can imagine my delight when true crime podcasts came onto the scene several years ago. Some of my favorites include Broken Harts, Dr. Death, The Vanished, Unsolved Murders, The Minds of Madness and The Man in the Window. It was while listening to the South Florida Sun Sentinel podcast “Felonious Florida” that I first got the idea to create a podcast focusing solely on cases in North and South Carolina. This episode will serve as a teaser episode for the first cases I’ll be discussing.

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